3 Meat Rub Facts

If you enjoy a good piece of meat and cooking, using a rub on your meat is a great way to enhance the flavor. Pork Rub Macon GA, for example, is available for sale in online. Some are mass-manufactured and others can be found in specialty stores made from local ingredients. Those who consider themselves to be connoisseurs are encouraged to try their own recipe, too.

Here are three rub facts to consider.

What is a Rub?

Rubs are used for barbecuing. They are not used for grilling. Rubs are made by mixing seasonings and other flavors together, and then, rubbing them onto meat or poultry. They can be applied wet or dry and are either salty or sweet. Rubs are better for barbecuing because it is a slow cooking process. Since grilling requires high heat and is a faster cooking method, it could burn the rub and leave behind a questionable flavor in your mouth. Also, sugar is a main component of rubs, if you decide to grill it, it will burn instead of cook.

What are the Ingredients Used for a Rub?

The base ingredient for a rub is salt or sugar. The one you use depends on whether you are going for a sweet rub or a salty rub. Then, chefs will add onion powders, cumin, and oregano. Some like to add paprika and chili powder for color and extra flavor. How much you should make really depends on how much flavor you want on your meat, so it is OK to eyeball it.

Should You Focus on Sweet?

How sweet your prefer your rub is really up to you. Rubs are one area where it is acceptable to go by preference and taste.

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