Animal Hospitals In Chandler AZ For Cats And Dogs

Taking a pet to the veterinary office can be a tough experience for many pet owners. However, it’s still important for pet owners to properly care for their pets by taking them to Animal Hospitals in Chandler AZ, for routine exams and check-ups. Finding a reputable veterinarian in the region does not have to be difficult for pet owners who want to remain knowledgeable about and sensitive to the overall well-being of their animals.

When it comes to Animal Hospitals in Chandler AZ area , Family Vet Care is one viable location for veterinary services. Their office takes care of animals in both Mesa and Chandler. They provide general wellness, surgical care, specialty services, and special needs treatments to animals. They even offer boarding and kennel services for cats and dogs. Their facility has multiple capable veterinarians, so pet owners can be certain their pets are in good hands.

Pet owners should also consider routine check-ups from veterinarians to ensure their pet is in top condition. Routine exams can reveal early onset conditions that can be treated. Exams are particularly important for geriatric pets as well as younger animals. Dogs are considered geriatric, or elderly, once they reach seven years of age. Cats, on the other hand, generally aren’t considered geriatric until they are nine years old.

Check-ups can also help pet owners deal with any dieting and nutrition complications that could be negatively affecting their animal. Some common problems encountered when it comes to poor dieting include:

1. Diabetes

2. Arthritis

3. Heart disease

4. Breathing complications

5. Lower activity

6. Increased surgical risk

Pets that do not have proper diets can be at risk if undergoing surgery, which is just one of the many reasons that it’s a good idea for pet owners to become aware of any nutritional problems as soon as possible. A good veterinarian can help pet owners add the appropriate vitamins and correct food portions for their animals. Visiting a veterinarian routinely is the best way to avoid expensive health complications in pets.

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