An Eye Doctor And Eyelid Surgery

An Eye Doctor And Eyelid Surgery

If you plan to see an eye doctor, you may be doing so for one of several reasons. While a many are concerned about their ability to see, others focus on improving the overall appearance of their eyes. This is not to say the two purposes are mutually exclusive. Some surgical procedures are a combination of the two needs. LASIK surgery, for example, combines the desire to improve eyesight permanently while removing the need to wear either contacts or glasses. The same may also apply to another form of eye surgery – eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty.

What Is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is the removal of any excess skin or fat comprising your eyelids. The problem may be restricted to a single eyelid or invade both. It may also be a condition that affects top and/or bottom eyelid. This will determine the approach taken and the extent of surgery your doctor will need to consider.

Talking to your Eye Doctor Before Surgery

When you consult an eye doctor about eyelid surgery, he or she will want to conduct an in depth discussion about your health issues and any concerns.Of particular importance will be

  • Your Medical History: This includes both past surgeries and issues as well as present an potential concerns
  • Medications: A doctor always needs to know what medications you are currently taking – prescription and non-prescription as well as herbal and conventional. You will need to provide types, dosages and frequency. He or she will even want to know what vitamins or supplements you are on.
  • Habits: If you smoke, drink or have other related habits, tell your doctor about them. They may factor into the healing process if not the actual procedure.
  • Expectations: Talk to your doctor about what you expect. Be honest and direct.

In addition to these questions and topics, your eye doctor will examine your condition more thoroughly. This will include a complete physical examination in his or her Jacksonville FL facility.

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