A Drunk Driving Lawyer in Vermont May Help with Administrative and Criminal Cases

A driver who has been charged with DUI could lose their driver’s license before they even have their day in court. The only way to avoid this administrative suspension is to request and attend a civil suspension hearing. Because most people don’t have a lot of experience in these matters and retaining driving privileges is so important, it’s essential to hire a drunk driving lawyer in Vermont right away. Drivers only have a week to submit their request for a hearing so it’s important not to waste any time.

The lawyer a defendant chooses could make a huge difference in the outcome of their case. While many people have at least one lawyer in their family or social circle, if that lawyer does not have experience winning DUI cases, it may be better to ask them for a recommendation rather than asking them to help out in court. While a friend or family member or even the attorney who recently handled the defendant’s divorce might be familiar to them, they might not be as effective against a prosecutor who takes these types of cases to court on a daily basis.

Anyone who was recently arrested for DUI can check out Sawyerlegal.com to learn more about the ways an experienced attorney could help them avoid the serious consequences associated with a conviction. There are several strategies a lawyer might use to help show reasonable doubt and possibly get their client acquitted of the charges. By using an attorney who has courtroom experience and a proven track record of being able to take on law enforcement to get favorable outcomes for their clients, a defendant might not have to worry about losing their driving privileges, paying heavy fines and possibly even spending time in jail.

Hiring an experienced drunk driving lawyer in Vermont may help someone accused of DUI keep their license while their case moves through the criminal courts. A lawyer that has the knowledge and commitment to helping clients beat their cases might advocate fiercely for their clients. The state must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and it’s up to the defense attorney to point out the reasons their client’s guilt should be doubted.

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