A Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Queens County, NY Wants Clients to Understand Bicycle Riding Law

With the milder weather coming in, more and more people are taking to riding bicycles. In fact, many people ride bicycles all year long. Some ride them to work, and some, just for the recreation and exercise. However, with increasing bicyclists on the road, also comes an increase in accidents between bicyclists and auto and truck drivers. This leads to more serious accidents since the bicyclist is not protected like the person in an automobile. And, these accidents consequently lead to lawsuits. A bicycle accident lawyer in Queens County, NY helps those clients who have been involved in bicycle accidents. Here are some things to know about the laws regarding the riding of bicycles.

Many people are not aware that the same traffic laws that are applicable to motorists are also applicable to bicyclists. As well as having to abide by these laws, they too have the same rights to the road. It doesn’t help that New York had the fourth most fatal bicycle accidents in the United States back in 2009. This means that some serious understanding of bicycle safety and law must be learned and applied.

Bicyclists must have a lamp equipped on their bicycle in the front, and a red or amber light in the back when riding their bicycles 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise. They must also wear reflective clothing to help them remain visible. This is in accordance with the standard set by the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. By complying with all the rules and regulations required for bicyclists, they will not have to worry about the other party finding them partly at fault in the case of an accident.

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