Why Choose A Heat Sealed Menu Cover?

Why Choose A Heat Sealed Menu Cover?

If you operate or own a restaurant, you are well aware of the need to have the right type of menu and menu cover. There are so many types from which to choose. Options include clear plastic, spiral covered, booklet, café style, tabletop menus and sturdy leather bound covers. Prices are as varied as the styles. Yet, a perennial favorite continues to be the heat sealed menu cover.

What Is a Heat Sealed Menu Cover?

A heat sealed menu cover consists of two separate pieces of plastic. Heat is used to weld three of the four outer edges together. The fourth edge is left open to allow you or your staff to slip in the menu card, page or display. The opening allows you to exchange menus as regularly as you want to.

You can use the heat seal process with two basic types of plastic. These are:

  • Clear plastic
  • Solid colored plastic

Cardboard can be sandwiched between the two pieces of plastic. This provides it with depth.

Advantages of Using a Heat Sealed Menu Cover

Restaurant owners and managers often prefer heat sealed menus over other types. The reasons are quite simple and clear. A heat sealed menu cover is desirable on the basis of various aspects. They

  • Are economically responsible – being less expensive than other types of menu covers
  • Protect menu pages
  • Allow clear presentation – unless you decide to use colored plastic which serves its own purpose
  • Come in different types e.g. two-, four-panel view
  • Permit you to slide the pages of your menu easily in and out
  • Are very easy to clean
  • Are durable

These menu covers are meant to endure daily, weekly and even monthly use and abuse. Cleaning them is simple.

Cleaning Heat Sealed Menu Covers

A heat sealed menu cover is both water and stain resistant. Wash it with warm or mildly soapy water. Using a sponge or soft cloth, remove any fingerprints, dust, dirt or food crumbs. Never use harsh chemicals. Do not submerge them in the water you are using to clean them. If you keep it simple, you are making sure they serve your restaurant well.

Preferring a Heat Sealed Menu Cover

For those starting out in the restaurant business, the choice of menus can be quite overwhelming. If you want to have stylish but durable menus, but are operating on a limited budget, do consider one of the more common types of menu covers. Choosing a heat sealed menu cover will provide you with a menu that has style, durability and clear presentation as well as affordability.

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