4 Reasons to Give Traditional Latin Mass a Try

4 Reasons to Give Traditional Latin Mass a Try

Have you ever considered attending a traditional Latin Mass in Detroit? Here are a few reasons why, if you haven’t, you should definitely give it a try:

It Was Good Enough for the Saints

For someone who wants to see what it might have been like to attend mass in the time of the most renowned Saints, sitting through a traditional Latin mass will give you a great idea of exactly that. If it was good enough to help them form the foundation of their faith and nourish their spirits throughout their journey, it’s good enough for all of us!

The Universal Appeal

No matter what language you speak or what cultural background you come from, the Latin mass service will appeal to you almost universally. Latin is not an actively-used language in the modern day, which puts pretty much everyone on equal ground when it comes to exposure to it. So, don’t worry about whether other attendees understand the service better than you do at certain points; you’re all equal, especially in the eyes of the Lord.


While not everyone enjoys a predictable service, many Catholics like knowing approximately what to expect during church. With a Latin mass, you have that level of predictability that many people long for.


Nothing is more authentically Catholic than the traditional Latin mass. The scripture, the rituals, the entire service is a page out of a very authentic and traditional book of early Catholicism that still reverberates with attendees today. When you want something that is true to the very heart of the religion you love, attending a Latin mass will give you that.

Reay to give Latin Mass in Detroit a try? Find your nearest Catholic church offering the service and see for yourself why so many people cherish this traditional ritual.

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