The Three Types of Kitchen Equipment You Need to Open Your Restaurant

The Three Types of Kitchen Equipment You Need to Open Your Restaurant

Before you can have the grand opening at your brand new restaurant, you have to set up your kitchen and outfit it with all of the proper kitchen equipment, unless of course, you were lucky enough to purchase a turn-key restaurant! The kitchen is the soul of the restaurant after all, and since it is the place where all the magic happens, it needs to be fitted out in a proper fashion.

Knowing exactly what kitchen equipment is needed to properly run your restaurant can be a bit overwhelming, especially if this is your first time opening your own establishment. So, that is why we put together this little guide of the basics needed for a properly running restaurant kitchen.

Cooking Equipment
The exact type of food that your restaurant will be serving will dictate some of the needed kitchen equipment, but nearly all types of cuisines will require the basics.  Ovens and ranges will be a definite, but the number needed may vary depending on the size and output you expect from your kitchen. Fryers, convection ovens, and microwave ovens are all equipment that should be considered, but remember fryers will also require hoods and ventilation systems. Also, some menu items require special equipment like pizzas and BBQ.

Refrigeration Equipment
Keeping your ingredients cold and frozen is a crucial need in your restaurant. The kitchen equipment needed for cooling is also broad in scale, but you will likely need at least one walk-in cooler. Plus, you may also need a walk-in freezer, especially if you will be purchasing a lot of already prepared foods. You may also need food prep tables that are temperature controlled, and if you have a bar, you will need coolers for your kegs.

Miscellaneous Equipment
Cooking isn’t the only thing that is done in the kitchen! You may also need soda fountains and ice-bins for making drinks, and you can’t forget the most important piece of kitchen equipment: the dishwasher! If your kitchen cannot hold an industrial-sized dishwasher, you will need to install the three sink set-up instead.

As you can see, the list of kitchen equipment is quite extensive, and this guide is only covering the larger pieces of machinery. There are still all of the mixers, blenders, food processors to be considered. Then after all the equipment is outfitted, you will need to fill your kitchen with utensils, bowls, pans, pots, knives…well, you get the idea. Let Automatic Ice Maker Co. help you check off the items on your kitchen equipment list!

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