What is Infant Baptism in the Catholic Church?

What is Infant Baptism in the Catholic Church?

You’ve likely heard of water baptisms before, but you may not know why Catholics choose to baptize infants instead of waiting until they grow older. It’s a long-standing tradition for Catholics to baptize babies soon after they are born in order to take the first step in becoming a member of the church.

Infants Are Cleansed of Original Sin

When infants go through water baptisms in the Catholic Church, the water signifies the washing away of original sin. Since parents do not want their babies to have original sin following them around for very long, they are encouraged to baptize their infant as soon as possible to give the baby a fresh start to life in the church. Not only will the infant have a fresh start, but water baptisms also signify becoming a child of God.

Give Babies The Word of God Early

Parents and godparents are highly encouraged to help children grow up following the Word of God. His Word should be read and worshipped early on, and it’s the duties of parents and godparents to do so. The godparents are generally chosen by the parents as friends or family members they trust to help raise their child in the eyes of the church and through God.

Rebirth Into Christ

The water poured on the head of an infant during water baptisms marks the time of rebirth into Christ. Baptism at an early age grants eternal life with God and the church before the child is exposed to sin.

Infant water baptisms are longstanding traditions in the Catholic Church and get passed down from generation to generation.

Infant baptisms are common in the Catholic church but many people aren’t sure why they do it, so visit the Southpoint Community Church website or call 904-281-1188 for more information.

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