Types of CNC Machines

Types of CNC Machines

When it comes to buying new or used CNC machines, there are several types to consider. When you start your search, you’ll want to keep in mind that CNC machines are used to manipulate tools and pieces of physical material to create the desired look. Computer Numerical Control machines come in a variety of shapes and forms, and you can decide which is best for your needs by understanding the types of machines available for purchase.

Traditional CNC Technologies

The most traditional and conventional type of CNC machine is the drill, which is any power tool that spins a drill bit around a stationary block of metal, plastic, or other physical material. They can be used to create any shape or prototype based off of the digital software.

Lathes are similar to drills, but have a reverse effect. They spin the material, rather than the drill itself, to create the desired look. It moves the material in and out of contact with the drill in a lateral direction.

Lastly, milling machines are a type of CNC machine that is most commonly found on the industry market today. Rather than using a drill bit like drills and lathes, milling machines use a rotary tool to slowly remove material from the block until the desired shape is achieved.

Newer CNC Technologies

Novel technologies have been developed to specialize certain cutting techniques as well as make efficient use of alternative cutting mediums. For example, developments in electrical technologies, such as with the Electrical Discharge Machining process, are used heavily in the mass production of certain metals. Chemical machining works in much the same way. Photochemical machining is used on certain materials that require a significant amount of manipulation or mass production.

Other novel cutting mediums have been invented in specialized cases to help cut certain materials. Laser cutting, water-jet cutting, and plasma cutting are some examples of the types of mediums invented to make cutting more streamlined and efficient.

Materials Used with CNC Machines

There is no limit to the type of material that can be used with a CNC machine. Typical uses include metals such as aluminum, titanium, steel, and brass, while other uses include plastic, wood, and foam.

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