Your Path To A Career As a Home Health Care Aide

If you want to become a professional in the home care business, consider training to become a home health care aide. These individuals provide essential and often basic services to the elderly, the disabled and the ill. They may visit a person’s home, or they may work within a nursing care or other institutional facility. Hired by an agency, an institution or an individual, health care aides are often the reasons why many seniors are able to remain in their own homes longer.

Desired Personality Traits

Home health aides should possess certain characteristics. They need good communication skills – being able to listen as well as write and speak clearly. Other specific characteristics include good levels of:

  • Empathy
  • Organizational skills
  • Promptness
  • Responsibility
  • Positive attitude

A worker must also be able to retain a calm demeanor and be able to avoid becoming so involved as to lose sight of the purpose of the job.


Federal and state agencies together establish whatever education and licensing a home health care aide may require. While they may not be as lengthy or intense as that for other health care workers, it is still essential to obtain the right credentials. Some obtain a high school diploma before attending classes at a college or other institution. Some take courses provided by the agency that plans to hire them.

If the home care worker plans to work for Medicaid or Medicare, he or she will have to take an exam or certification test. This involves a set number of hours of training as well as a written exam. Each state has the right to set its own exam. Some, however, prefer to use one created by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice.

Becoming a Home Health Care Aide

It takes empathy, skill, and experience to be a good home health care aide. If you think you qualify, talk to your guidance counselor. You can also contact a home care agency.

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