Your Best Option for a Chevrolet Auto Maintenance Shop in Lansing, MI

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Automotive 

If an individual owns a Chevrolet vehicle, that vehicle is going to need repair or maintenance services at some point. The question that many people living in the Lansing, Michigan area have been which auto repair shop is going to be best suited to work on their Chevrolet vehicle. Some look at price as the only way to determine which facility is best. However, for a quality Chevrolet Auto Maintenance Shop In Lansing MI, one could do no better than a dedicated Chevrolet dealership.

All Chevy dealerships have dedicated service departments. When it comes to performing routine maintenance, or extensive repairs, a dealership Auto Maintenance Shop in Lansing MI may be the best option.

One of the first reasons why is that typically, dealership service departments only hire the best mechanics available. This is usually the type of repair shop where you’ll find that most mechanics are ASE certified. In some cases, dealerships refuse to hire mechanics that aren’t certified with the ASE.

In addition to hiring the best mechanics, Chevy dealership service departments have mechanics that are completely versed on the newest technology that is used by Chevy vehicles. If there’s a problem with a Chevy vehicle old or new, these are the mechanics that are trained to fix the problem. In most cases, dealership mechanics have regular training on new types of technology that’s used in every aspect of new Chevy vehicles. This ensures that offer the best repair services possible to their customers.

While it is true that a dealership Auto Maintenance Shop in Lansing MI may cost a bit more than most outside repair facilities, there are far too many benefits to dismiss this option based on cost. From the standpoint of quality repair technicians, well-versed in Chevrolet technology as well as the most comprehensive selection of replacement parts, it’s hard to think there’s a better option. Whether it’s warranty work or work that you have to pay for out of your pocket, it’s likely you’ll want your vehicle repaired by the best possible facility. That’s exactly what you’ll get at a Chevy dealership service department such as Berger Chevrolet. For more information, you can simply click here.

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