What Women Should Know Before Getting a Lip Filler in Greenwich CT

Women no longer have to be satisfied with thin lips. Until recently, people who were unhappy with their lips had to use special lipsticks, glosses, and liners to make the lips appear thicker. Those who were skilled at the application could achieve the results they wanted but they were very temporary and would go away as soon as the makeup was washed away.

Today, a woman who wants fuller lips has more options. With the help of a Lip Filler Greenwich CT women can plump their lips for several months with just one application. The most effective filler is natural and absorbs into the body over time. Most women see results for four to six months. After that time, they have to decide whether they want to get the injections again or return to their natural lips.

The application is relatively simple and takes less than half an hour. No anesthesia is needed but some women choose to get an injection or gel to numb their lips prior to the procedure. It isn’t painful but women might feel a slight burning sensation when the filler goes into their lips. This is temporary and will go away before the numbness wears off. After the injection, the doctor may rub the lips to ensure they are formed the way they discussed in the consultation. When the procedure is over, patients get a short list of things to avoid in the next few days and can usually resume their normal activities.

Before they choose to get Lip Filler Greenwich CT women should know what to expect and always have the procedure done at a professional clinic like Russo Aesthetic and Wellness. Professionals know how much of the filler to use and what it will take to help their patient get the desired results. If a patient isn’t happy, the doctor may be able to offer another injection to reverse the effects of the filler.

This procedure should be done about 10 days prior to any special occasions because many women have some bruising after getting fillers. Blood clots are less common but if they do occur, the doctor could remove them with a laser in the office.

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