Why Your Laser Copier Outruns Any Inkjet Equipment

When it is time to purchase a new laser copier machine in Greenville, SC, whether for your organization or a home office, a laser copier will always outperform inkjet variations because of their superior quality, much faster printing and require fewer changes of toner compared to ink. They are also more cost-effective per page.

The Difference in The Quality

Unless you are purchasing a cheap, budget machine, the printing experience with laser technology will always be of a higher quality compared to inkjet printers. Because laser copiers use powder, compared to liquid ink, it lasts far longer and the image will be a better quality.

When you are printing more than just a few pages, a laser copier will produce more copies than an inkjet in the same period because they offer a much faster printing ability. Printing 100 or 1000 copies will take just a few minutes with your laser copier, but upwards of half an hour or much more with an inkjet machine, probably changing the liquid ink several times during the printing process.

When you need to keep the quality of production from your copier for long periods, the prints from your laser copier machine in Greenville, SC, will not fade away as quickly.

The Time to Change Toner or Ink

Although most OEM toners and inks are relatively clean to change, many companies take advantage of using ink in their inkjet copier, obtained from an aftermarket company. This can lead to a mess which is difficult to clean and excessive time for an employee to complete the task and can be expensive.

When Cost Is Your Major Influence

The cost of a laser copier machine in Greenville, SC, maybe more than an inkjet variety originally, but the cost per page is far less with a laser machine, which is also easier to maintain and provide a better long-term performance.

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