Bringing Big Home Entertainment into a Small Home

You may picture yourself owning an impressive home entertainment system – including all the bells and whistles that would make your neighbors jealous. However, the floorplan of your home may only allow you to go but so far with turning that dream into a reality. Here are a few tips to help you find a compromise between a big entertainment option and your relatively small living space.

Minimize the Floor Space Used with Storage and Shelves

The less items you have on the floor, the more spacious that room appears. When placing speakers, receivers and other entertainment equipment in your room, find creative and efficient storage locations. For instance, using a wall shelf for your speakers or a storage space or stand for your receivers can help you to get the quality entertainment system of your dreams without overly cluttering your living space.

Invest in a Wall Mount for Your Television

With the growing appeal of flat-screen televisions – such as LED and plasma models – quite a few consumers place TV stands on their floor. No matter how skinny or lightweight the stand, it still takes up a considerable amount of floor space. You can eliminate that spacing problem simply by going with a wall mount for your television instead. Installing your TV on the wall instead of placing it on the floor can free up a substantial amount of floor space for added entertainment equipment or even give you a chance to place your furniture strategically within that room.

Focus on Realistic Alternatives

Another helpful tip is to not allow your wandering eye to dive into the deep end of a pool when your space and/or finances require you to stay on the shallow end. There are more than enough affordable options on the market that will still allow you to create the same premium-level sound without paying premium prices that can save you money and floor space at the same time.

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