Why You Should Hire a Business Attorney in Williston ND

For those of you in corporate America or in sole proprietorships of your own, you will find any information you can obtain to promote the health and longevity of your business helpful. This article will address some of the concerns that business owners have around the legal portion of the business. A Business Attorney in Williston ND with more than a century of combined experience has come to the aid of multiple businesses with legal woes. Following are some of the tips that you may utilize to avoid some of the legal hassles.

One of the problems that businesses often meet with, especially in their young stages, are legal issues that threaten to fatally wound the business in terms of finances. A business owner simply cannot afford to go without having his or business properly insured. After that matter, the business owner needs the advice of an experienced Business Attorney who will help the owner to navigate through any “troubled waters” of a legal nature. Some of the things you will need legal counsel on include in-depth understanding of business contracts and the potential breach of those contracts, employee law and work related issues such as FMLA and Workers’ Compensation, what to do in the event of business dissolution, wrongful termination and lawsuits, and the handling of shareholders’ issues (if a corporation).

As a business owner, you need to be abreast of all issues that could potentially affect the stability of your operation. Even if you cannot afford or do not want a business attorney full time, you should at least find one that you can keep cheaply on retainer, or nearby for special circumstances. Beardsley, Jensen & Von Wald are attorneys who have been providing legal solutions for clients in the Williston, North Dakota and Rapid City, South Dakota areas. Their 100 plus years of experience provide a solid, secure base for your legal issues. Various businesses, include the construction business, the mining industry, the software industry, engineering, and the jewelry business, fall under the scope of legal services represented by the law firm. If you need a Business Attorney in Williston ND, Beardsley, Jensen & Von Wald can be reached at their website,

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