Why Truckers Are Banned from Using Cell Phones While Driving

Understanding where you can or cannot use your cell phone while driving is both confusing and unreliable. Third party logistics providers will only be pleased when drivers completely fail to use their cell phones while working. Safety is paramount within an industry carrying large trailers and heavy weights across the nation’s highways.

State Laws Differ

For standard autos, 16 states ban all use of cell phones for drivers, while 36 states ban the use of cell phones by young drivers. Only 36 states refuse to allow bus drivers to use their cell phones, when they are carrying children.

Unbelievably, some states do not ban texting and Internet access while driving. The National Safety Council suggests that around a quarter of all car accidents involve the use of cell phones, while driving. 5% are caused by drivers texting and driving.

Third party logistics operators know that all handheld mobile devices are banned from use by truckers, driving trailers. Drivers can use a hands-free phone, provided it is located close to the driver.

Any second that a driver takes their eye off the road, to dial a number or answer a call, is endangering the lives of the trucker and all those around them.

Expert and professional drivers often believe that they can use a cell phone, while driving, because they are vastly experienced, are using cruise control and often driving down empty highways.

In the real world, all drivers are going to lose a little focus on the road, when they are involved with a cell phone call and some calls may be more distracting than others. Do you take a call from your third-party logistics provider, knowing that they may be providing you with information about the drop you are about to make?

Some will argue that changing a CD or the folder of their USB music is just as dangerous while driving, but is it worse than eating while driving?

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