Quality Air Conditioner Systems In Lakeland FL Won’t Leave You In A Sweat

Summer may not be here yet, but the heat and humidity can certainly cause someone to be incredibly uncomfortable in their home or business if their air conditioner systems in Lakeland, FL isn’t working properly. Homeowners that just arrived from the north to beat the cold could find their system isn’t working due to an ant’s nest, rodent damage or any other unforeseen circumstance. Something as minor as a controller could have gone bad in a unit causing the air to blow warm instead of removing the moisture and cooling the building. Being ready for the summer heat now is a great way to eliminate the possibility of the system malfunctioning during the really hot months in Florida.

Air Conditioner systems in Lakeland, FL perform at their best when they’ve been properly maintained. They will use less energy and keep a home or business cool. A local and reliable air conditioning company is always the best choice to make when deciding who to call to maintain or repair a system. A reliable and experienced HVA company can perform maintenance on a system that includes:

• Checking refrigerant pressure.

• Lubricating system motors.

• Cleaning the condensation line.

• Removing and cleaning the drain pan.

• Tightening and checking the electrical components in the system.

• Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils.

A great way to start off the summer season is knowing there is less of a chance for a system to fail during the hottest months of the summer. Another service that can improve the heating or cooling in a home or business is duct cleaning. Duct cleaning is a much deeper clean than changing an HVAC system filter on a regular basis. Dust, mold, bacteria, fungus, animal dander, hair and other debris can lurk in the duct work causing breathing problems for the occupants within a home. An experienced HVAC company can remove all of these harmful allergens safely, so the air is cleaner and easier to breathe. It can also help to extend the life of a heating or cooling unit.

If your home or business requires a tune-up on their heating and air conditioning system, or needs the duct work cleaned, please visit the website for more information about these valuable services.

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