Why People Love The Ford Mustang In Bedford Park

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Automotive 

Whether you want the older classic or a new version, the Ford Mustang in Bedford Park gives you everything you need. If you’re searching for a different car, you understand the process can be time-consuming and challenging. There are so many options, it can make it hard to decide. Therefore, you’ll want to do some research, find out as much information as you can and make an informed decision.


If you want a sports car and want to own something sharp and stylish, this is definitely the car for you. It is available as a convertible or a coupe and comes with various trim levels, including the Shelby trim and EcoBoost options. You’ll be driving an unmistakable car that will look great outside and inside. You may also notice that this option has unique color selections. There’s no wonder why the Mustang in Bedford Park has been a hot commodity for 50 years.

Performance Needs

Mustangs come in V6 and V8 models and also include a lot of horsepower for such a small, sporty car. While power and speed are always necessary for sport-car lovers, it also offers a smooth ride and is capable of handling any driving terrain. You may be tempted to power it up to the triple digits, but you can also have fun going at a slower pace.


If you’re going to be completely honest with yourself, Mustangs aren’t the cheapest car on the lot. However, they are reasonably priced at around $24,000 new. You can always turn down the special add-ons, such as convertibles and others to lower the price range a little. Plus, you’ll still get an excellent car.


While it may not be the best option for a family of four or more, it can be a practical car-buying decision for singles and couples without children. Plus, you’ll love the 31 MPG on the EcoBoost models, which will ensure that you don’t spend too much at the gas station.


Safety and reliability are a necessity, no matter which vehicle you choose. While Mustangs aren’t a family car by any means, they are still incredibly safe and have various interesting entertainment features. Just one such feature is the MyKey system, which allows you to limit the stereo volume and top seed so your children can’t have the radio too loud and can keep their minds on the road.

A Ford Mustang in Bedford Park will be stylish and give you the performance you crave.

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