Why it is Important to Hire a Qualified Scaffold Injury Attorney in Queens

Falls from scaffolds are one of the major causes of traumatic occupational deaths. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), about 65 percent of the construction workers work on scaffolds. Scaffold accidents are mostly caused by using unreasonably safe scaffold equipment, failure of the employer to use the necessary protective equipment, or by objects falling onto a worker from scaffolds. The law requires every employer or supervisor to comply with OSHA regulations to prevent or avoid these accidents. If a person is injured in a scaffold accident that was due to irresponsibility or negligence of a third party, they may be entitled to some compensation. To ensure the entire claim process and legal proceedings are handled professionally, it is imperative to hire a certified scaffold injury attorney in Queens.

During the initial stage of a scaffold accident lawsuit, the lawyer will review the details of the incident to determine whether the claimant has a valid case. The lawyer will try to establish the fault of the opposite party. It is imperative that the injured worker gives the lawyer all the relevant details of the incident, including names and contacts of witnesses, if any. This will help the lawyer to be well prepared for the case.

In most cases, the lawyer will first attempt to reach a settlement with the employer’s insurance company. They will present all the available evidence to prove why the injured employee should receive a full compensation. If these negotiations are unsuccessful, the scaffold injury attorney in Queens will submit the claim to the courts. The lawyer will help the claimant complete all the paperwork and documentation involved in the filing process. In court, the lawyer will offer the injured worker an excellent representation. They will use their professional tactics and tricks to convince the judge into passing a favorable ruling.

Scaffold injury lawsuits can be long and complex, especially if the claimant does not have a profound knowledge of the law. A knowledgeable scaffold injury attorney in Queens is committed to help victims of scaffold accidents fight for their rightful compensation the easy way. For more information about scaffold accident cases, and how to hire an experienced accident attorney.

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