Why is Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon Important?

Why is Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon Important?

When someone adopts a cat or a dog, they are making a commitment to provide for the animal’s health and comfort needs over the course of its life. Regular Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon constitutes one element of providing for these needs. Keeping animals well groomed is more than a matter of their owners’ preference for beautiful, shiny coats and pleasant smells. It also serves several valuable purposes in regards to maintaining good health.

Remove Dead Fur and Debris

Regular bathing and brushing will help to remove any loose fur and dirt from a pet’s coat. Without adequate attention to grooming, all of this loose fur and debris ends up all over carpets and furniture, leaving owners with cleaning-induced headaches. However, this is not the most serious consequence of failing to maintain an animal’s coat. All of that dead fur and other unpleasant materials can become matted, pulling on pets’ skin, increasing chances of infection, and creating an ideal breeding ground for ticks, fleas, and other external parasites.

Keep Nails Short and Healthy

Both cats and dogs can suffer if their nails become too long. For animals in the wild, this isn’t a problem. Cats scratch the bark of trees to keep their nails sharp and short, while dogs’ nails get worn down from walking and running across rocks and dirt. Indoor animals, however, often don’t spend enough time outside to reap these benefits. Nails that are too long can cause problems with an animal’s gait, leading to arthritis and other movement problems later in life. They are also more likely to get caught on things, increasing the potential for them to rip off. This causes pain and discomfort and increases the pet’s chances of infection.

Avoid Buildup Around Eyes and Ears

That gunk that sometimes forms around pets’ eyes and inside many dog’s ears doesn’t just look gross. It also constitutes a health hazard if left to build up unchecked. An experienced groomer can safely remove it, leaving pets more comfortable and at less risk for developing more serious health problems.

Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc provides experienced Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon, in addition to boarding services and daycare. Pet owners can trust their skilled technicians to use only the best products and give each pet the attention and care that it deserves.

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