Repairing A Chipped Portion Of An Automobile’s Body And Additional Types Of Auto Parts Repair In Johnson County

Repairing A Chipped Portion Of An Automobile’s Body And Additional Types Of Auto Parts Repair In Johnson County

If a minor traffic accident caused paint to chip from the front of a car, an Auto Parts Repair in Johnson County could be made by completing the steps below. Once a vehicle’s body has been restored to its original state, rubbing compound can be wiped over the surface of the repaired area to help the edges of the fresh paint blend in with the paint that surrounds it.


  • automotive detergent
  • sponge
  • bucket of water
  • water hose
  • power or hand sander
  • sandpaper
  • touch up primer
  • touch up paint
  • rubbing compound
  • buffing sponge

Cleaning And Sanding The Front Of A Vehicle

A small amount of automotive detergent can be applied to a sponge and wiped over the section of a vehicle that was involved in an accident. Spraying a treated area with a water hose will eliminate any soap that remains. A power sander can be used to provide the area that was involved in an accident with a smooth surface. A sanding tool needs to be moved back and forth until a paint is no longer chipping from an automobile’s body. Afterward, a sanded area needs to be rinsed off with water in order to remove any dust that remains on a vehicle’s body.

Touching Up A Damaged Area

Touch up primer should be thoroughly mixed before being applied to a vehicle’s body. It needs to be brushed on in straight lines. Once the primer has dried, one or two coats of touch up paint can be added over the primed section. Paint needs plenty of time to dry in between coats. Afterwards, fresh paint can be blended by pouring a small amount of automotive rubbing compound onto a buffing sponge and moving the buffing tool over the repaired area in small circles. The Excess compound can be removed from a vehicle’s body with a soft cloth.

Any additional Auto Parts Repair in Johnson County that needs to be made and that requires extensive work can be handled by an automotive technician. When an individual visit’s a specialist’s website and chooses to click here, they will be provided with information about setting up an appointment.

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