Why Families Choose An Affordable Veteran’s Cremation in Bradenton, Fl

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Cremation Service

U.S. veterans deserve special honors at their deaths, yet their families often cannot afford traditional funerals. Many Florida residents have found solutions when they consulted professionals like Sound Choice Cremation and Burials. These experts offer a budget-friendly Veteran’s Cremation in Bradenton Fl as well as a variety of services and dignified placement in national cemeteries. FL

Many Veterans Cannot Afford Funerals

Regardless of when they served, American military veterans qualify for death benefits. However, the payout is about $300 for most veterans and a maximum of $2,000 for active service personnel. Families often need to pay the difference, so many people visit websites like Soundchoicecremation.com and arrange for cremation. Some older veterans order their own services and prepay for them. They often arrange for cremation in order to get the services they want and to ease family stress and financial burdens. A typical funeral with burial can run into thousands of dollars, but it is possible to organize a dignified Veteran’s Cremation in Bradenton Fl for less than $1,000.

Affordable Services Can Still Be All Inclusive

Businesses that specialize in budget-friendly funerals offer all-inclusive packages. Even the most basic veterans’ cremation covers the following (families can also arrange a tribute gathering for additional fees):

  • Local pickup from place of death
  • Transportation of the body to the funeral home
  • Care of remains
  • Cardboard cremation container
  • Cremation (without ceremony)
  • Document processing
  • Online memorial

Dignified Placements Take Place in National Cemeteries

Despite the fact that simple cremations are much less expensive than classic arrangements, clients do not sacrifice quality. Affordable veterans’ funerals include placement in national cemeteries or other venues that families choose. For a reasonable additional fee, clients can have the remains buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Veterans’ cremation arrangements include military urns, honor guards, U.S. flags, and waterproof protective flag cases. Ceremonies are dignified and pay tribute to each veteran’s service and/or sacrifice.

Although American military veterans get death benefits, the amounts fall short of typical funeral costs. As a result, many veterans or their families arrange for low-cost, dignified cremations. The affordable arrangements can be customized, and all of them include burial with honors in a national cemetery. You can also visit them on Google+ profile for more information.

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