Weighing Your Options for Cremation in Ogden, UT

Just because you choose to be cremated does not mean your choices are limited. This type of service can be set up in one of three ways. You can choose a traditional funeral service, a memorial service, or a direct cremation.

Choosing a Funeral Service

When a traditional funeral service is chosen, a cremation in Ogden, UT follows the service instead of a burial. If a funeral is chosen, visitation is scheduled and the service is planned within a couple days of the date of death. The casket is specially made for the activity. The remains or ashes are then returned to the family, scattered, or interred.

When a funeral service is featured, it is often led by a celebrant or a member of the clergy. This part of the service takes place in the funeral home or a church. Prayers, readings, a eulogy, or music may be part of the service.

A Memorial Service

If a memorial service is chosen along with cremation, the memorial takes place sometime after cremating the body. This type of service, like a funeral, may take place at a funeral home or church. It may also be held at a beach or park.

Scattering the Ashes

The disposition of the remains normally takes place after the memorial service. In turn, the urn and ashes may be taken home, or the urn may be buried or interred in another manner. Sometimes the ashes are scattered in a meaningful spot.

The Most Basic Approach

Direct cremation, also known as basic or immediate cremation is the most fundamental way of having this kind of service. When this option is chosen, the decedent’s body is cremated shortly after death and the remains are returned to loved ones without any additional graveside service, funeral, or memorial.

To understand more about your options in this respect, contact Myers Mortuary. You can pre-arrange this kind of service, in order to take the burden of planning off the shoulders of your family.

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