Why Boston Singles Shouldn’t Choose Their Careers Over Love

Often times Boston singles remain that way because of their careers. They choose their careers over love and end up running tight schedules at the office, hell bent on career advancement over building relationships. What most Boston singles do not get is they do not need to pick one over the other; that you can actually have both if you are committed to balancing the two.

Love and Careers Go Hand in Hand

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Whichever comes first to you, it’s important to know that they feed off each other. When one person becomes so focused on their career, they tend to steal time away from their relationship and dedicate it to their work. However, when you’re committed to balancing the two, love can provide support and insight when work becomes stressful. Being loved and supported emotionally allows us to thrive. Being that humans are social animals, work can only fill so much of the void.

Don’t Make a Choice Between the Two

Instead, find a way to balance the two. Do not make the mistake of confusing static balance and dynamic living. Do not spend too much time on one thing at the expense of another. The most important thing to do is to know when to switch focus. If things are getting too intense at the work place, set limits to how much you will be overextended. In the course of this period, take time to do small things that reignite the spark such as leaving a tiny note for your partner before you leave or calling them in the middle of the day to tell them you love them.

Treat Your Partner Like a Partner

Talk to each other, share your joys and struggles. Keep them in the know of what is happening at work and let them know when you need to put in more focus on your work. Take time off to make them feel appreciated and know that you are not taking them for granted. Even better, choose a day or two and have coffee dates together, even if it’s right down the street from where you work. It’s a splendid way to spend time together. If you’re into date nights, find a night in the week to go out together and enjoy each other’s company.

Your career need not come at the expense of your love life. Find a way in between, that way Boston singles can thrive both in the office and in their relationships.

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