When To Use Basic Life Support

When To Use Basic Life Support

Basic first aid and CPR skills can be beneficial just about everywhere you go. Whether you work in the medical field or in an office setting, you never know when an emergency can take place. But you may be wondering when you would use skills that you would obtain during BLS training. When would understanding basic life support come in handy? Keep reading to learn more about when to use your basic life support skills.

Basic Life Support
There are many different occasions in which you would need to use your basic life support skills to help someone who is in a dire medical situation. Here are a few of those circumstances:
*If the person is unconscious, you will need to use your basic life support skills
*If the individual is not breathing
*If they have an abnormal pulse rate (you will need to see if it is very fast or very slow)

When it comes to basic life support, your primary objective is to open the airway and also restore an individual’s breathing. Basic life support can also help to repair respiratory acidosis. It also has the ability to open the airway which allows the object that is blocking the airway to be removed so that the individual can breathe. If nothing is blocking the airways, you may have to apply the right amount of pressure to the person’s chest. This helps oxygen to get to the brain and the rest of the vital organs in the body.

Professional CPR provides Stockton BLS certification opportunities as well as CPR and other important training. Whether you are working in the medical field or somewhere else, these are priceless skills to have.

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