When to Call For AC Repair in Davenport FL

Air conditioning units are used all through the year which makes them susceptible to both minor and major problems. It is important to know when to call in a repair service to avoid major breakdowns down the line or to get your unit running again. One such case is where the AC is not cooling the room as it should. The problem could be anything from a faulty compressor, a bad thermostat, low refrigerant levels or broken fan motors among other possible causes. It can be difficult to diagnose the problem yourself so it is necessary to call an AC Repair in Davenport FL service at this point.

Another problem that requires immediate attention is if you notice water leaking from your air conditioning system. It is important to call for professional assistance even when the unit seems to be running well. Condensation is normal with AC systems, but these units come with a special pan to collect and drain the water. A clogged drain line or pan can cause the unit to leak water. This can be a potential hazard if the water comes into contact with other electrical appliances. Water damage to your home is also a concern so it is always a good idea to have this problem taken care of immediately.

Strange noises emanating from the unit is also a cause for concern. This can be a gurgling, squealing or hissing sound when the air conditioning unit is running. Gurgling may point to low refrigerant levels while squealing may be indicative of a bad fan motor belt. The hissing sound may be a sign of leaking refrigerant. It is important to call your air conditioning service company in any of these cases to avoid further and more expensive damage in the future.

Spotting common problems with air conditioning units is not difficult. The hard part is getting the right service for your unit. The ideal company should be able to offer you a range of services such as repair, maintenance, duct sealing, air filtration and any other AC related services. One such company for AC Repair in Davenport FL is Charles M Watts AC. They are a professional service offering a one-stop-shop for all your air conditioning needs and more.

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