When It Is Time To Consider Elevator Modernization

When It Is Time To Consider Elevator Modernization

A popular adage claims that time may heal wounds, but when it comes to the aesthetics, performance, safety, and reliability of your elevator system, time can have an opposite effect. With professional maintenance from service companies such as Elevator Technologies Inc, you can potentially prolong the life of your lift system. However, the service life of an elevator can come close to an end and contract for a modernization project with an experienced company will then be critical.

Signs That Modernization Is Needed

• A jerky or disturbingly noisy ride in the car up or down the shaft

• Poor ventilation quality, stuffiness in car, or strong scent of hydraulic fluid filling the elevator

• Slow ascension or dissension to desired floors

• The elevator system is over 20 years old

• Long waiting periods for car arrival

• Increased frequency of downtimes

Main Reasons To Want Elevator Modernization

• To avoid a failing system

• – Slothfully seeking maintenance services for an old elevator can create unwanted issues when attempting to renovate after a complete failure has occurred. Examples being the duration of downtimes extending from weeks to months, insufficient part availability, and additional expenses for expedited delivery of parts or pay for overtime labor.

• Efficiency

• – Of course, modern equipment conserves energy used to operate the elevator, but efficiency can also apply to how passengers arrive at their respective floor destinations.

• Performance

• – To add value to your building, modernizing your elevator so that it performs exceptionally well at all times will improve fluidity and quality of rider travel.

• Safety

• – There are particular codes for system security and care that can become outdated with time. A modernization project will see to it that your elevator system is safe for all passengers to ride.

The Basic Benefits

A modernization project results in improvements that are the protagonistic polar opposite of the previously mentioned signs that restoration is necessary.

• Improved riding comfort

• Quicker arrival times

• Lowered consumption of energy by almost 45%

• Smooth and quieter rides

Target Areas of Modernization

With technological advancement, some elevator operational components can become obsolete, and upgrades may be required for the following:

• Cab enclosure

• Controller

• Door equipment

• Signal equipment

• Traction

Elevator Technologies Inc not only specializes in elevator modernization, but the company provides maintenance, repairs, and new elevator systems. If time is not allowing your elevator to age gracefully, be sure to visit the website for more service and product information or request an estimate.

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