When Do You Really Need An Emergency Dentist in Matawan?

When Do You Really Need An Emergency Dentist in Matawan?

Wondering if your current situation is urgent enough to require a visit to an Emergency Dentist in Matawan? While there is not always a firm “yes” or “no” answer, that question can usually be quickly answered for many common dental issues today. Keep reading to learn about two of today’s most common dental problems, along with an explanation of whether they are normally regarded as emergencies or not.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be a fairly common problem, but it comes in many degrees. Some tooth pain is nothing more than a minor ache, while other tooth pain is what might be called “bone crushing” in its intensity. When you’re deciding whether tooth pain is an emergency, consider the degree. Is the pain minor enough that some over the counter medication is helping considerably? If so, you might be able to wait until the next day to call your dentist for an appointment. However, if you’re in horrible pain, and you’ve had no luck with pain killers, numbing gels, or ice packs, it is probably time to go see the Emergency Dentist in Matawan.

A Chipped Tooth

If you have a chipped tooth, it is again the severity of the situation that will determine whether it is truly an emergency or not. Some chipped teeth may be so minor as to be near-invisible to the human eye and may cause little or no pain. However, other chipped teeth could be better characterized as outright teeth breaks, and these are emergencies. If you can actually see the damage, it is probably something that qualifies as urgent. Of course, your pain level can help you dictate the level or urgency as well.

The time when you need to see an emergency dentist at Allied Dental in Matawan can be different for each person and each situation. The above guidelines are just that – guidelines meant to be followed loosely by a large group of people. Whether your problem is dental pain so severe it makes you feel faint, or your issue is something that would normally be considered the domain of Cosmetic Dentistry, it may be an emergency to you anyway. If you feel any doubt, it is always best to get emergency dental help as soon as possible!

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