Want a More Youthful Smile? Have a Teeth Whitening in Bellmawr Treatment

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Dentist

Older Americans buy many anti-aging skincare products every day. They hope that they will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, many of these people forget how aging yellow and stained teeth are. When women wear bright lipstick, it really calls attention to their discolored teeth. A Teeth Whitening in Bellmawr treatment can brighten teeth up to nine shades in one session. Cosmetic Dentistry treatments can also replace the darker mercury fillings with modern fillings that match the tooth enamel. Often, these cast a gray shadow onto the teeth and are very common in older people. The combination of these two treatments can create a bright and youthful smile.

If a person has a bad back or physical issues such as arthritis, they may worry about sitting in the dentist chair for the 90 minutes it takes to have their Teeth Whitening in Bellmawr treatment completed. They should discuss these worries with their dentist. Pillows or other devices could be used to make them more comfortable. The dentist may also schedule time for them to get up and stretch during the treatment. They may also be concerned that teeth whitening chemicals will weaken their enamel. This is not the case. In fact, many bleaching gels also contain substances that strengthen enamel. That’s because less porous enamel resists stains better.

The dentist begins the teeth whitening session by removing plaque and debris from the patient’s teeth. This ensures that every part of the enamel will be covered by the whitening gel. This is one of the reasons that an in-office treatment is more effective than a patient using a whitening pen on their own. Even a thorough brushing prior to using the pen doesn’t ensure even coverage. The dentist then applies a coat of bleaching gel and uses a powerful light to activate it. This combination allows the gel to permeate the deepest layers of enamel.

After 15 minutes, the dentist wipes off the gel and inspects how white the teeth are. This process can be repeated up to four times. The person will enjoy their brighter and more youthful smile for several years, if they follow their dentist’s maintenance plan.

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