When A Dog Needs An Animal Hospital in Olathe KS Due To Poisoning

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Veterinary

When a dog eats something poisonous, there are a few steps that should be done to ensure it is comfortable while waiting to be seen by an Animal Hospital in Olathe KS. It is important to call the hospital as soon as poisoning is suspected. Speaking to a veterinarian will help the dog’s owner know how to react in treating the dog. There are different types of poisons and each may have a different response in removing it from the dog’s system.

In some instances, the veterinarian will want the dog to vomit so the poison is no longer in their digestive system. They will alert the dog’s owner how to get a dog to vomit successfully and will talk them through the process if needed. In other instances, vomiting could cause the dog’s throat to burn. The veterinarian would want to treat the dog in their facility to alleviate this from happening.

If the dog is not moving, it will need to be brought to the animal hospital immediately. If it is lethargic or acts dizzy, its organs may be shutting down and it should also be be brought in immediately. If there are only minimal symptoms, such as vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea, the veterinarian will let the owner know if the poison situation is an emergency or if something can be done at home to relieve the symptoms.

It is important to tell the veterinarian what the poison was and how much was missing from the packaging. When the dog is brought to the animal hospital, the poison should be brought to show the veterinarian. Transport it in the trunk of the vehicle so it is not near the dog during transit. Have someone sit with the dog if possible. This will help keep them calm while waiting to get help.

If someone is looking for a reputable Animal Hospital in Olathe KS, they can check online for one in the area. Visiting a website like Falconvalleyanimalhospital.com will be helpful as it will have instructions on how to get to the facility and a phone number to speak with a veterinarian about the problem.

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