What’s Involved In Fireplace Service?

What’s Involved In Fireplace Service?

Every manufacturer of gas-fueled fireplaces recommends that a knowledgeable professional perform comprehensive fireplace service in Chicago on an annual basis. Failure to properly inspect and maintain a gas fireplace may result in poor combustion, which in turn, can lead to an extremely hazardous situation.

A gas fireplace is little different from any appliance; regular fireplace service will ensure a long life, safety, and excellent performance. Typically, an annual fireplace service consists of a number of steps, including:

   * Thoroughly clean dust and debris from the fireplace
   * Clean the pilot light if necessary
   * Inspect and adjust the fuel-air mixture to the main burner
   * Inspect, test and adjust if necessary the blower and blower speed control

What types of fireplaces need annual servicing?

There are different types of gas fireplaces; all of them require annual servicing.

   * Fireplace inserts: Conventional wood or coal burning fireplaces are very inefficient, most of the heat goes straight up the chimney. Homeowners that want to maintain the ambiance of a real fireplace are installing gas-fueled fireplace inserts. The insert is slid into the opening, the fuel supply and vents are attached to the insert and finished with an enclosure plate, custom made for the installation.

   * Zero clearance fireplaces: Because they are inefficient, most new home are not being equipped with a wood burning fireplace. Zero clearance fireplaces look no different from a conventional fireplace but, as they are gas-fired, there is no need to accommodate combustibles.

   * Freestanding fireplaces: As the name implies, a freestanding fireplace can be located anywhere in a room, they look very much like old style stoves from years ago. They are used in rooms that require a supplemental heat source but do not have access to a chimney.

The number one consideration for those lucky homeowners that have a fireplace is safety. By arranging annual fireplace service in Chicago, you can assure your gas fireplace will operate at peak efficiency.

Annual fireplace service in Chicago will ensure that your gas fireplace runs safely and at peak performance. To schedule service, contact Northwest Metalcraft.

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