What To Know About Garbage Removal In Rochester NY

Though many try to limit the amount of garbage they throw away as an effort to minimize their environmental impact, for most people disposing of their garbage or waste products is a fact of life. From product packaging to food and household waste, those who can not compost or recycle all of their garbage must contract with a service that provides garbage removal in Rochester NY to rid their home and property of trash. Most residential garbage removal services pick up garbage from contracted homes once or twice a week, depending on their prearranged schedule.

When setting up for Garbage Removal in Rochester NY, the homeowner is asked to contact the garbage company directly to set up service. Most companies allow individuals to use their own trash cans or they have the option to rent cans, or toters, from the removal service. The toters are conveniently sized at 32, 68 and 95 gallon – allowing the homeowner to rent the size that will most accommodate their specific needs. It is usually stipulated on trash day, all debris to be in the waste receptacle for ease of pick-up. Large item pick-up is provided by the garbage company on an as-needed basis, provided the homeowner request the pick-up at least one day prior to their scheduled pick-up day. Often, homeowners have additional debris to dispose of, possibly due to a home remodel or renovation of their home. At times like this, it is possible the homeowner request to rent a small sized roll-off container to house additional construction debris that may accumulate at this time. It should be noted that there are a few items that should never be disposed of in curbside trash receptacles, such as unused paint in cans, automobile batteries, used tires or hazardous chemicals. The garbage removal service requests that residents “Contact Us” for information on how to dispose of these items properly.

Though for most people garbage is a given, it is important to be aware of the amount of trash generated by a household and work to minimize the amount that must be disposed of into the landfill. With careful consideration of purchases, recycling and reusing products, most can help the environment by decreasing their garbage disposal to a minimal amount.

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