What To Know About Curbside Trash Collection

What To Know About Curbside Trash Collection

Of course, it’s important to try to reduce the amount of trash generated by a household, but most will agree that trash is unavoidable. Hiring a waste management company to remove household trash is considered a necessary part of owning a home. When moving into a new area, it is important to set up Curbside Trash Collection as soon as possible. Many waste management companies offer a website, such as Tigersanitation.com, and other information can generally be found on Google+. Gaining information on the internet allows the customer a convenient way to learn more about the services offered by their waste management company.

After setting up service, many waste companies will furnish a large sanitation bin to be placed out for Curbside Trash Collection on the designated collection day. Though bins are usually large, some as large as 95 gallons, it’s important to understand clearly how much waste is allowed to be put out to the curb on collection day. Many waste management companies will allow the large bin plus additional cans and others allow only what will fit into the bin. Most waste management companies also have weight limits, as to how much can be placed in the bin. Many companies have a 45 pound limit on bins, as the bins can not be safely picked up with additional weight in them.

It’s also important to know the regulations regarding bulk pick up. Many companies have a specified day that bulk trash may be placed curbside for removal. Other companies will pick up bulk items, sometimes for an additional fee, upon request. Most all waste management companies have restrictions on certain items that can not be disposed of in waste receptacles. Some of these items are batteries, paint, tires or used oil. These items either must be dropped off at a special facility or placed separately at the curb on a specified day for removal, based on the waste management requirements. Additionally, it’s usually requested to keep yard waste separate from household trash. Yard waste should be bundled, less than 35 pounds and less than 4 foot in length for handling safety.

Even with the popularity of reusing and recycling, most households always generate trash, and it must always be disposed of properly. It’s important to consider the rules and regulations of the waste management company, helping the trash removal service run more effectively and efficiently.

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