What to Expect With Residential Roofing Installation in Menasha

What to Expect With Residential Roofing Installation in Menasha

Those who haven’t experienced a new roof being put on a home may not be aware of what to expect. This can lead to some problems and even, potentially, to damaged belongings. Understanding the process-,and the effect the process can have on the property and the rest of the home-;will make it easier to take the necessary precautions.

Mark Off an Area for Debris

Before a Residential Roofing Installation in Menasha, the old roof has to be removed. This creates a lot of debris. To limit any damage to the yard or items in the yard, clear out anything that can be removed and then mark off a preferred area for the debris to be relocated to. Otherwise, the roofers may just throw the old roofing materials down from the roof anywhere on the lawn, making a mess of the whole yard and damaging precious belongings or plants. Designating an area will probably lead to damage to that area of the yard but will at least limit the overall damage. With luck, the roofers will be willing to haul away all the debris once the project is completed.

Expect Lots of Noise

Most people realize that anything hitting the roof tends to make a louder-than-expected noise in the house. Those who plan to be home during the roofing project should be aware of this. It’s also a good idea to inform any nearby neighbors that they’re going to have a bit of extra noise and traffic due to your Residential Roofing Installation in Menasha. Even if the neighbors aren’t happy with the noise, they’ll appreciate the warning.

Prepare for Falling Objects

The other step that should be taken before the roofing installation starts is to remove hanging items, especially those on the ceiling. The shaking from the people walking on the roof and all the hammering can make it so things fall from the ceiling and the walls. Taking hanging objects down and storing them in a safe place limits the risk of accidental breakage. In multi-story homes, it may only be necessary to take down items on the upper floors but check with the roofers to make sure.

Contact Motto & Sons Construction for more information on roofing installation. It’s important to have the roof installed well to protect your home from the elements.

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