Potential Benefits of Asphalt Sealing in Worcester, MA

When an asphalt driveway is completed, it needs to cure for a while, and then it’s recommended that the homeowner seal the driveway. While not everyone takes the final step of asphalt sealing their driveway, there are a number of benefits to doing so.

Protects the Driveway

Asphalt sealing in Worcester MA helps to protect the driveway from both the weather and from any oil or chemical spills. This means that it will need fewer repairs as the years go by, and the driveway will last longer before needing to be resurfaced or repaved. Without sealing, it’s more likely that small cracks will occur during the temperature changes that take place throughout the year. Then, water will get into these cracks and expand them with the next freeze-thaw cycle, increasing the damage.

Faster Melting of Snow and Ice

Having Asphalt Sealing in Worcester MA will also have another potential benefit: it makes it, so snow and ice melts a bit faster on the driveway, potentially making it less slippery in the winter and minimizing the need to shovel off those slight dustings of snow that often occur during the winter.

Better Appearance

Adding sealcoating to the driveway makes it look darker and more like it’s brand new. It also makes it easier for any dirt or debris to be cleaned off of the driveway so that it stays looking nice.

Choosing the Right Company

To get the most benefits, it’s a good idea to choose the right company for the job. Avoid those that brush on the coating, as it can be applied too thickly, making it, so it doesn’t cure as well and is more likely to crack in the future. Brushing on the coating also often leaves brush stroke markings and can lead to a driveway that’s too slippery and smooth if sand isn’t included in the sealcoating mixture. It’s better to use a company that sprays on the coating, as this gives the surface a nice, even coat. Also, choose a company that will seal any cracks before using the sealcoating mixture.

Contact us for more information on sealcoating. It’s also possible to arrange for cracks to be fixed or lines to be painted on parking lots.

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