What To Expect When You Have Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

What To Expect When You Have Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

A dental cleaning is a routine procedure carried out by the dentist or a dental hygienist; a dental cleaning in Downers Grove is not painful although those with sensitive teeth may feel slight discomfort. For those who have neglected to have their teeth cleaned professionally for some time they can expect the procedure to take a little longer and additional scraping will probably be needed to remove the plaque and tartar. For the majority of people a professional tooth cleaning is just something they have every six months when they get a regular check-up.

The time for a dental cleaning will vary from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what the dentist observes he or she may take an X-Ray to check for a cavity. Usually the task of dental cleaning in Downers Grove is left to a dental hygienist who then hands the patient over to dentist for a closer look. The dentist looks for any evidence of decay or gum disease.

Several different tools are used during the procedure; these tools include a scaler and polisher. The tooth polisher is used to get rid of any tiny pieces of plaque that are still on the teeth after they have been cleaned, they also are used to give the teeth a final buffing. Scalers look like hooks, they are used to rid the teeth of difficult, hard plaque, especially that which has formed between teeth. Some patients find that there is a little discomfort associated with the scaler, this very much depends on their level of sensitivity and the time since they last had their teeth professionally cleaned. If any serious discomfort is experienced the dentist can offer the patient nitrous oxide which will relax them.

The dentist uses a professional cleaning as the perfect opportunity to discuss with the patient how they clean and floss their teeth at home. If the dentist finds that the patient is performing oral hygiene at home properly and yet there is an excessive build-up of plaque it may indicate that professional cleanings should be more frequent. The appointment normally ends with any advice on home care and if necessary the scheduling of appointments to deal with any other services required such as a filling. It is important to maintain a twice a year schedule with your dentist for a routine checkup and a professional dental cleaning in Downers Grove.

It is important to have professional dental cleaning in Downers Grove twice a year. To schedule your next cleaning and general check-up you are invited to contact Elite Dental Care in Downers Grove.

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