Using Rug Cleaning In Chesapeake VA To Freshen A Rug

When a person has a delicate rug in their home, they will want to take the steps needed to keep it in the best condition possible. Failing to take the time to do routine maintenance and rug cleaning in Chesapeake VA can cause a rug to become dingy in appearance rather quickly. Here are some steps one can use to make their own rug look like new for years to come.

It is important to vacuum rugs regularly. Dirt can make its way through windows and small cracks in a home, allowing it to settle on the floor. Regularly vacuuming will help keep surface dirt and dust from discoloring a rug. Rather than using a vacuum directly on a delicate rug, it is bet to use an attachment instead. This way the rug will not become caught inside the roller portion on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, possibly ruining it as a result. Hold a soft brush attachment an inch or two above the rug to remove dirt. If the rug is rubbed with the attachment, it can cause the dirt to be dragged along the material of the rug, making it appear dirtier.

Flip the rug over often. This will help keep it from fading at an uneven rate. It is a good idea to place a rug in an area where it does not receive any direct sunlight. If it does get the sun, it may fade only portions of the rug, making it appear discolored.

If something gets spilled on a rug, it needs to be treated quickly. Blot the moisture with a clean piece of cloth. Do not rub the liquid as it can drag across the surface of the rug. Blotting is a safer method to alleviate stains. If the liquid does not disappear with blotting, a carpet cleaning service should be called. Someone who does rug cleaning in Chesapeake Va would be better equipped to remove the stain from the rug with ease. Contact Atlantic Carpet Care to schedule and appointment for cleaning service. The rug can be dropped off and picked up in a completely cleaned state.

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