What To Expect During A Social Security Disability Hearing

What To Expect During A Social Security Disability Hearing

Statistically, the greatest majority of applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Many applicants throw their hands up and no longer pursue the claim while others hire a disability lawyer in Rockford and appeal the decision.

There are three levels of appeal; a simple request for reconsideration, the second is a hearing conducted by an Administrative Law Judge and then comes an appeal to the Appeals Council. Rarely is the denial overturned when a request for reconsideration is made, there is a far better chance of success during the hearing.

How does a request for reconsideration and a hearing differ?

Requesting that denial of your initial application be reconsidered rarely results in a change, this is reasonable as nothing really changes. The big difference between the request for reconsideration and the hearing is the fact that you actually get to sit in front of a decision maker and make your case, at no other time during the process will you ever be given a chance to plead your case with an official of the SSA. The hearing gives you and your disability lawyer in Rockford an opportunity to voice out your limitations, it also gives the judge a chance to see the physical or mental limitations that you suffer as a result of the disability.

Your lawyer can call in a pose questions to your physician, your employer, people that are fully aware of your limitations. Social Security will usually be represented by their vocational and medical experts; your lawyer can cross examine them as well.

The benefits of having a lawyer:

Although the hearing is far less formal that what might be expected in a court of law, it still is a legal proceeding and as such you need to be represented by an experienced lawyer. Your lawyer can prepare you to answer questions that you might be asked as well as prepare you to ask questions of the expert witnesses brought in by the SSA.

It is never a good idea to try to deal with complexities of Social Security without the capable assistance of a knowledgeable disability lawyer in Rockford. You are invited to discuss the details of your case with The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown. And also like us on Facebook.

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