Do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer in Moore, OK?

Family law is one of the most divisive and difficult aspects of the law to practice. Unlike other forms of the law, even criminal law, family law involves indistinct facts. In a criminal case, there is a plaintiff and a defendant. In a family law case, there are likely two or more parties that are not necessarily defending themselves but arguing their cases. Also, family law often involves children, and any case involving children is infinitely more complex. The well-being of the children involved is the top concern for judges and lawyers, which is why a child custody lawyer is so important. They’ll be able to effectively argue your point of view on custody. Some people feel they don’t need a lawyer, but here are some reasons you do.

Complex Legal Issues

The law is very complex, but it often hinges on issues of precedent. Precedent is an earlier case in which the decision is used as an example to help guide a judge’s decision on the case at hand. To effectively argue precedent, you have to have a firm grasp on legal cases. A child custody lawyer in Moore, OK will have a great understanding of legal precedent.

Time and Money

Arguing before a judge is often very difficult and time-consuming. If you have a job, children to take care of, and many other responsibilities to worry about, you don’t have time to prepare a cogent argument and deliver it effectively. You wouldn’t try to fix your own car without proper knowledge, and you shouldn’t argue a custody suit without a firm understanding of legal procedures. A child custody lawyer has the time, the expertise, and the talent to argue on your behalf.

By working closely with an experienced attorney, you will be able to present the best possible case in your custody hearing. You can find great attorneys at  who will be able to help guide you through these difficult proceedings.

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