What Services Do Practitioners of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati, OH Provide?

What Services Do Practitioners of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati, OH Provide?

This society only runs as efficiently as it does thanks to the efforts of men and women in the workplace. It is thus essential to ensure workers are provided with preventative health care and effective, targeted treatments for illness and workplace injuries. The doctors that provide these services are known as practitioners of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH. Medical professionals practicing in this field must understand everything from preventative medicine to treating workplace related disabilities and are often counted on to advise state agencies, trade unions, and even international organizations.

The health and safety of all workers are important. Employers should realize that providing preventative medical services such as flu shots is just as important as addressing any workers compensation claims after the fact. Keeping workers healthy and safe to begin with is a much more effective strategy than worrying about treating accidents and illnesses that have already occurred. As a result, many employers mandate obligatory physical exams for their employees as well as flu shots and vision screenings.

Should these measures fail to prevent instances of illness or workplace injuries, it’s best to already have an office in mind that can handle worker’s compensation claims and provide occupational rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation can help workers get back on their feet sooner and, in some cases, help prevent permanent disabilities. Contracting these services through an office that offers on-site rehabilitation at the same facility can make obtaining help easier for workers and employers alike.

Practitioners of occupational medicine understand that individuals’ livelihoods and the company’s ability to move forward rely on each individual worker’s health and safety. Some offices offer extended hours and certified DOT providers to better provide these valuable services.

Drug screening for potential and existing employees is typically also entrusted to a practitioner of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH. As a health and safety hazard both to users of illicit drugs and other workers who may be placed at risk, drug and alcohol abuse problems can cause serious harm in any workplace. Visit the website for more information about one office that can provide drug screening, employee physicals, flu shots, rehabilitation services, and more.

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