What Many Don’t Know About Teeth Whitening in Amarillo, Texas

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Dentist

No matter where one travels in the world, he or she can accomplish a lot with a simple smile. Everyone understands this facial expression and recognizes it as a peaceful, friendly way of greeting. In addition, people equate a smile with intelligence and an outgoing personality. Many dentists believe a smile suggests to others that the person is ready to open up and expose a portion of themselves. For this, and many other reasons, lots of people are choosing to undergo teeth whitening in Amarillo, Texas to improve their smiles.

A study was done which followed women over a 30 year period. This study found there are numerous benefits of smiling, including greater overall well being and improving the odds of a happier marriage. Furthermore, the study found that strangers who saw a person smiling in a photo judged that person to be more competent and positive than those who weren’t smiling in photos. Anyone who isn’t smiling due to discolored or stained teeth will find teeth whitening in Amarillo, Texas to be of great benefit in improving the appearance of their smile.

In addition, studies show that individuals who smile immediately see an improvement in their overall mood. When a person smiles, even if they don’t want to, they begin to feel happier. Some believe this is just the person reporting they feel happier, yet one study shows brain activity changes when one smiles, even if they are doing so just for appearances. They still get the benefit of feeling happier. In addition, smiling uses fewer facial muscles than a frown, therefore one is less likely to develop wrinkles, and who doesn’t like that?

Panhandle Dental makes it easy for anyone to smile, offering a wide range of services designed to help each individual have the smile they dream of. As dental health has been closely linked to general health, this always takes priority over aesthetics, yet the team at Panhandle works to ensure every patient has beautiful, healthy teeth at all times. Teeth whitening is one way to achieve this goal and may be part of an overall smile makeover or a stand alone service. It’s all what the patient wants and needs.

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