The Message For Your Monuments in Connecticut

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Business & Economics

When you are pondering what type of Monuments in Connecticut that you are going to choose, one of the most essential parts of that consideration may very well be the message. The messages on monuments today have evolved quite a bit beyond the simple name of the deceased. At the very least, most monuments will include the name (usually the first, middle, and last name) and the birth date along with the date of passing. If you are going for a very simple look, this type of monument might suit you the best. Consider what the person who passed away would have wanted: Were they a subdued type of individual who would have wanted very little “fuss” made? If so this type of simple monument may be ideal.

Another really popular option today is the monument types that give details on familial relationships. For example, you might see a monument that says “Beloved husband, honored member of the community, and a longtime educator for the local state university.” Just a few details that your family really feels captures the essence of who the departed loved one was can go a long way towards making the type of monument inscription you will be pleased with now and for the rest of your life.

If your family is religious or if you take comfort from particular books or songs, you might want to put an inscription reflecting a bible verse, song lyric, or book passage on the monument. These types of inscriptions can be incredibly uplifting and can make you feel that you are honoring the loved one in a special and unique way.

Shelley Brothers Monuments is a local Connecticut company that focuses on providing top notch monuments for people from all walks of life. They understand that a monument is, in many ways, like a final goodbye to someone who you love very much. Thus, it deserves to be something just as special as the person it was created in honor of! Having just the right monument inscription can really help you feel like you captured the vibrancy and the special personality of your loved one, and it is a great way to honor them forever.

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