What Makes A Good Attorney?

What makes a good attorney? There are a few different things that are deciding factors as to what makes a good attorney. One of those things is the reputation that the attorney in question has. How many cases have they won? How much do they charge? What does the general public think about this specific attorney? These are all questions that you should be asking. They could be a construction accidents attorney or they could be a social security attorney. Either way, questions like these should be addressed.

Who else should you be asking these questions to besides yourself? Ask the attorney in question! Hop on their website, gather their contact information, and get in touch with them as soon as possible. Someone at their office should be able to answer any questions that you may have including those listed above. If they can’t, try to find a different attorney, as you definitely want these questions answered. Is that all you have to do though when deciding if a particular construction accidents attorney or social security attorney is a good one? Of course not!

You can also research the company elsewhere whether it be by reading reviews online or talking to the local community. If a particular attorney has been practicing in the area for more than a few years, there’s a strong chance that someone you know has dealt with them in the past. See what their personal experiences with that attorney were and whether or not they would recommend the attorney to others. Avoid any attorney offices that have a sketchy name and look for something more professional like “Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel PC.” What is an example of a law office that would come off as sketchy?

It would probably be something along the lines of “A+ Settlements.” That’s just an example though. Use your best judgement to distinguish the good from the bad and see what you come up with. In no way are you ever obligated to choose a specific attorney, so keep that in mind during your hunt. Only make the final call when you feel comfortable and confident enough to do so!

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