What is the Asperger’s Syndrome Test?

What is the Asperger’s Syndrome Test?

Asperger’s syndrome is categorized beneath the classification of autism spectrum disorders. It’ll get its name from Hans Asperger, an Austrian pediatrician, who defined the condition in 1944. Asperger utilized the phrase, ‘autistic psychopathy’ to explain the pervasive developmental disorder. The condition generally is witnessed in kids within the school years. Repetitive behavioral patterns and impaired social interaction include the typical symptoms of the disorder.


Studies are being done to discover the causes of the developmental disorder. It’s believed that those who have a family history of bipolar disorder might develop the condition. In rare instances, brain tissue damage after or during childbirth or structural defects within the brain may be responsible for the cause of this disorder. If parents think that their youngster is facing challenges in interacting with others and exhibits symptoms associated with the disorder, they should consult the Best Pediatrician in Temecula, as well as a psychologist. Those individuals will attempt to assess your youngster’s communication skills and behavior.

The disorder is mostly characterized by repetitive behavioral patterns and impairment of social interactions. The ones affected by the condition usually insist on following the same routines and don’t appreciate changes. Delay in development of motor skills, rigid body posture, clumsiness because of poor muscle coordination, obsession with specific objects, lack of expressions, repetitive and unusual body movements, high sensitivity to strong tastes and textures, sensitivity to specific colors, flashing lights, or loud noises include a few of the typical indications of the disorder.

According to the Best Pediatrician in Temecula, kids affected by the disorder possess normal to above-normal intelligence. As a matter of fact, a few of them may have a high vocabulary level. They don’t have any delayed language development, and they may even possess great language skills; the difference will lie in the way they utilize language.

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