What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle warp is a printed graphic that is temporarily applied to the entire body of a vehicle, when the wrap is applied properly it will not do any damage to the finish of the vehicle. Although any graphic design can be made the bulk of vehicle wraps in St. Augustine are used for advertising purposes.

Although many vehicle owners will wrap the entire vehicle, minus the windows of course, this is not mandatory, the wrap can be used to cover any part of the vehicle body desired. Vehicle wrap services are often used by advertisers on company vehicles, they can quickly and easily change the appearance of the vehicle without having to paint it which is something not easily covered except for another paint job.

There are a number of materials and techniques that are used to make vehicle wraps in St. Augustine. There are a number of different wide format printers that are used to print the design or the message onto large sheets of vinyl. Although vinyl with differing qualities can be used it is thought by those who do the work that cast film is best for the application. The three elements that have a significant impact on the finished product is the material choice, the printing technology used and the skills of those who apply the finished wrap.

The company that has been selected to produce the wrap will normally meet with the client; get the specs of the vehicle along with the graphic concept. There are times when the graphics will need some degree of editing so they print well at such a large size; this is particularly true with photos. Once the overall design has been refined and approved it is printed on large flat bed printer.

To minimize the effect of wind and to keep the vehicle surface as clean as possible, the wrap will be applied indoors. After the vehicle has been thoroughly washed and dried the wrap is loosely draped over the vehicle and aligned properly. This is usually done in several smaller panels as it makes the installation of the warp easier and more accurate.

When vehicle wraps in St. Augustine are expertly produced and applied they will last at least three or four years. The cost of the wrap varies; it depends on the vehicle size, the colors and complexity of the design. The companies that offer this service will always offer quotations for the design and are always happy to work with their customers to arrive at their exact needs.

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