What Goes On In An Animal Hospital?

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Animal Hospitals

An animal hospital is not unlike a hospital for human patients, it’s just that the patients are animals. Some animal hospitals deal with one type of animal while others offer medical services for various animals, large animals such as those found on a farm are normally cared for in the field by a vet who has undergone specific large animal training. A full service animal hospital can offer a wide variety of medical procedures for your pet, others stick with selective services such as immunizations and general health checkups and prescribing drugs.

The overwhelming majority of animal hospitals deal with small animals only, in some cases the hospital may specialize in popular pets such as cats or dogs. It is becoming increasingly common for animal hospitals have mobile units which allow the veterinarian to visit the animal rather than the other way around. These mobile units also are deployed as an ambulance if the animal must be brought to the hospital for extensive treatment or to undergo procedures not otherwise available. Although they do exist, there are very few veterinary hospitals for the exclusive use of horses and farm animals.

An animal hospital may offer emergency services while others may not. There are some hospitals that are fully staffed around the clock; this allows pet owners to bring their pet in at any time for care; emergency or otherwise. Animal hospitals that provide 24 hour a day service are usually only found in large metropolitan centers. Most animal hospitals allow walk-in clients although there are those that work strictly on appointment, especially if it is anticipated that the treatment will be quite time consuming.

A typical animal hospital will offer a wide variety of services for their four legged patients. Periodic regular health exams as well as vaccinations, protection against parasites and special programs for puppies, kittens and older animals are quite normal. As pets tend to have oral care problems little different than their owners, there are veterinary hospitals that offer complete dental care.

Common pets include dogs and cats; however, there are those who keep exotic animals as pets. The owners of these exotic animals often have to take their pets a considerable distance for care as facilities to handle snakes, lizards, exotic birds, etc are difficult to locate.

Animal hospitals exist to look after your pets, when they are unwell as well as when all they need is a routine check-up.

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