What Energy Sources Can Be Used With Water Heaters in St. Louis, MO?

The time has arrived for purchasing and installing a new water heater. It would be easy enough to replace the old unit with one that uses the same energy source. Instead of going that route, why not see this as a chance to learn more about other options? Here are some of the different ways that Water Heaters in St. Louis MO can be powered.

Electric Water Heaters

Using electricity is easily one of the most common ways to power a water heater. This approach is often cited as one of the safest and least complicated ways to supply the energy needed to create a steady supply of hot water. From a safety standpoint, using electricity means the homeowner doesn’t have to be concerned about fumes or carbon dioxide buildup. There’s also the matter of not having to spend a lot of money on vents or piping systems to deliver some type of gas as a power source.

While connecting the heater to the grid is still the typical way to power an electric water heater, don’t overlook the possibility of using solar power. While there is some expense in setting up the array, the savings in the years to come will justify the cost. As a bonus, a water heater powered by solar energy still provides hot water even in power is out for a day or two.

Natural Gas Water Heaters

Many people prefer natural gas water heaters to the electric models. Fans of this kind of heater note that it takes less energy to heat a tank of water. That translates into a shorter recovery time before there is more hot water available. While there is the cost of venting the space and making sure the gas line is stable and secure, this approach also means the family doesn’t have to do without hot water during a power outage.

There are other energy options for Water Heaters in St. Louis MO that are worth considering. The team at Courtney’s Heating & Cooling can go over each one with the homeowner and point out the pros and the cons. Once a choice is made, it won’t take long to identify the most energy efficient model, install the heater, and make sure the installation fully complies with local standards.

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