What Do You Need to Do in a Dental Emergency in Searcy?

Dental emergencies can cause you to panic and worry. When a dental emergency arises, it is important you are careful in the steps you take, so you can rest assured you will be able to receive the dental care you need. Unfortunately, getting in to see your dentist during an emergency can prove difficult. This is why many dental offices are now offering emergency services. This will allow you to receive the treatment you need when a dental emergency in Searcy occurs.

Tips for Dealing with a Dental Emergency

One of the biggest dental emergencies you will face is when you experience a tooth injury. When your teeth are healthy, they are normally strong enough to avoid damage. Even in healthy teeth. blunt trauma can cause damage. This information will assist you in knowing what to expect from treatment for your dental emergency in Searcy.

1. If your tooth becomes cracked, you need to avoid eating or drinking until your tooth is repaired. To repair your tooth, the dentist can fill the crack with a special dental resin. This seals the crack and improves the stability of the structure of your tooth. It is important you see the dentist as soon as possible, or the crack in your tooth could cause a break.

2. If your tooth becomes broken, you need to make sure you take the broken piece with you. It can help to place wet gauze over your tooth, to protect the broken area until your dentist can repair it. Unfortunately, the broken piece will not be able to be reattached, but the dentist can smooth down the rough edges and fill your tooth. In some cases, a broken tooth requires a crown, to prevent further damage and keep the tooth stable.

3. If your tooth is knocked out, make sure you bring the tooth with you in a cup of cool water. You will need to stop the bleeding by placing wet gauze over your tooth socket. In many cases, the dentist can place your tooth back into the socket. It can then be sutured in place and given time to heal.

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