What Defendants Should Ask DUI Lawyers In Cincinnati, OH

In Ohio, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a criminal offense that is punishable by jail time, driver’s license suspension, and hefty fines. Under state laws, an offender is guilty if they have a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent. A DUI Lawyer in Cincinnati OH can answer vital questions for defendants about these criminal offenses.

Why Should a Defendant Acquire a Second Blood Sample?

Any defendant facing a possible DUI charge should request a second blood sample to rule out possible evidence tampering or errors by the testing officials. The second sample is provided to the defendant’s attorney for independent testing for traces of alcohol or controlled substances. This could provide a defense based on inaccurate testing results if the results do not match.

Is It Considered a Refusal If the Defendant Requests an Attorney First?

No, all criminal defendants have Miranda rights, and defendants can request legal counsel at ay time during their arrest. The defendant doesn’t have to submit to chemical testing immediately if they requested their attorney. However, they are required to submit to testing after they have consulted an attorney, or their action is considered a refusal to submit to testing.

Will All First-Time Offenders Receive Court-Assisted Rehab?

No, first-time offenders are subject to the punishments directed by the state laws. The only way that a first-time offender will receive court-assisted rehab for an alcohol or drug addiction is if their attorney makes a deal with the judge. However, they will be required to enter a plea of guilty in these instances.

Can the Court Revoke a Driver’s License Indefinitely?

The permanent revocation of a driver’s license is possible and at the judge’s discretion. The state has a habitual offender registry for any drivers who have five or more DUI convictions in the last twenty years.

In Ohio, driving under the influence is a criminal offense and punishable according to the total number of prior convictions within six years. Further penalties may also apply if the drunk driver causes an accident. Defendants facing these charges can contact a DUI Lawyer in Cincinnati OH by visiting website today.

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